Mom Gives Birth To 7 Babies Where Are They 20 Years Later?

A couple couldn’t have any children, and then a miracle happened and they had a daughter. But they would never have believed what would happen when they tried for a second child and received septuplets instead. The road to this unique birth was anything but easy. This is a story about faith, miracles, and what true love means even in the face of the most difficult times.

Meet The Parents

Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey fell in love, got married and decided to start a family. The only problem was that Bobbi was born with a malfunctioning pituitary gland and as a result she suffered from fertility problems. In 1996 they were blessed with a baby girl, and they named her Mikayla Marie.

Fertility Treatment

After Mikayla had grown up a little, Bobbi and Kenny decided that they were going to try again for another baby. A specialist advised that they explore the options of fertility treatment. The proposed option was the use of Metrodin – a drug that stimulates ovulation which in turn helps a woman fall pregnant.

Fertility Treatment

The couple didn’t know what to expect from the fertility treatment. When they went to their doctor for a regular scan, they received results that would completely blow their minds. The specialist said that they weren’t having a baby, no, they were having seven! It was the first time that the McCaugheys had ever heard the word “spetuplets”.

One Isnt Enough

Selective Reduction

Although there was huge excitement surrounding this news, there was suddenly the revelation that it could be dangerous for both Bobbi and for the babies. One expert explained to the couple that they might need to look into the possibility of “selective reduction” – a process that eliminates some of the embryos in order to save others.

Taking The Risk

With so many emotions and options coming at them from all angles, Bobbi and Kenny needed to make a decision. After considering all the dangers around keeping all seven embryos, they decided that they were going to risk it all and have all seven babies; they were going to have septuplets.

Lots Of Attention

Even though Bobbi and Kenny were sure about their decision, others were not. Many people from the public criticized the couple, telling them that it wasn’t their choice to decide to keep all the babies. But nevertheless, the couple fought on and moved forward.

Helping Hands

When the news spread across their hometown of Carlisle in Iowa, the community started to offer their help. No-one had ever heard about anyone giving birth to seven babies, so they realized that the McCaugheys would need all the help that they could get. Donations poured in – endless supplies of diapers, free nanny services, a year’s supply of mac n’ cheese, and even a van to fit the whole family into.

Another Gift

They didn’t know how to show just how grateful they were for all the gifts they got; they were truly overwhelmed by it all. But then they received a gift they could never have expected, a huge 5,000 square foot house, just for them! And just when they thought that was it, they got a year’s supply of groceries.

Understandably the days before the huge birth were filled with anxiety. They realized the risk of going through with such an irregular birth, and they couldn’t help but feel nervous every now and then. But even then, they were more excited and hopeful than anything else.

Meet The Babies

From a small family of just 3, the family was suddenly made up of 10! There were 3 boys and 4 girls, and their names were given: Kenny (Kenneth) Robert – the heaviest baby, Alexis May, Natalie Sue, Kelsey Ann – the lightest baby, Nathan Roy, Brandon James, and Joel Steven. Name tags, anyone?

Feeding Tubes

It was absolutely mind-blowing that all the babies survived the birth, but there were some issues at first. Lexi was born with a muscular disorder that caused her pain and difficulty when she ate. Her sister, Natalie suffered from acid reflux and also caused her pain while she ate.