Ex stabs her 32 times, leaves her to die. 3 years later EMT that saved her life has 5 words

God or destiny allow for exceptional people to enter into our lives. We don’t see them coming or how they’ll change us. We might be traveling a rocky, bumpy road to falling in love, but the journey is usually worth it. We don’t forget the first time we meet this person because they have profoundly impacted our lives.

Melissa Dohme and Cameron Hill won’t forget the horrible event where they met. Melissa almost died, and Cameron helped save her life.

Before graduating high school and moving onto college, Melissa decided to end the relationship with her current boyfriend. He didn’t take the breakup well. He attacked her, stabbing her 32 times.

She lost nearly all the blood in her body. Doctors were amazed at her perseverance.

She endured a painful recovery, graduating college and finding work as a domestic violence advocate at Hands Across the Bay where she works with women in abusive situations.

Melissa vowed never to date until she met the first responder who saved her life. She and Cameron met again for real a few months after her near-fatal attack. They started dating shortly after.

Fast forward four years later, Cameron had an awesome surprise in store for his girlfriend. Melissa was asked to throw the ceremonial first pitch at a Tampa Bay baseball game. She figured it was her inspirational recovery story that got her this honor. But in actuality, it was all set up by Cameron.

Before thousands of spectators, Cameron dropped to one knee and proposed. How could Melissa refuse?

CBS News said this on Facebook: Three years ago, an EMT responded to a 911 call and found a young woman drenched in blood after being stabbed 32 times by a former boyfriend. This week, the same paramedic who saved her life asked her to marry him. She said yes.”

“Melissa, will you marry me?” Cameron said.

“They met when Cameron saved her life, and today they’re set to be married. It’s a pretty magical moment.”

Though it wasn’t easy for Melissa to jump into a new relationship, she has no regrets: “He’s the one I’ve been waiting for. My fairy tale.”

“It was a full circle moment,” says Dohme. “I spent the worst and the best day of my life with Cameron.”

Baby Dies 5 Months After Birth, Then Mom Reveals What Doctors Told Her….

Hannah and Ben Day were expecting their first child. All was going well until Hannah was 36-weeks along when doctors revealed their daughter, Iris had Down Syndrom. A scan also showed the baby had several holes in her heart; this is a condition called atrioventricular septal defect.

This condition is common in children with Down Syndrom. The Day’s were referred to a fetal-maternal medicine consultant who asked them if they would consider abortion. They were horrified:

“We were both taken aback. We didn’t even know abortion was an option. It was awful,” Ben Day said. “We were offered a termination at 36 weeks, which is disgusting.”

A week later, doctors confirmed Iris did have Down Syndrom. The NHS provided them with a very discouraging pamphlet about the genetic disorder:

“It was a list as long as your arm saying, ‘These are the things that could be wrong with your child; these are the challenges you are going to face,’” Ben Day said. “Basically, everything we heard from the NHS was very negative.”

If Iris’s parents had succumbed to the pressure from the British Health Care System or insisted themselves, they could’ve aborted Iris. Hannah and Ben described the discrimination they experienced at the hands of NHS staff; it made them vow to give their daughter the best life possible despite her diagnosis.

“We feel that the majority of NHS staff who came into contact with Iris in her short life let her and us down in the worst possible way,” the Days told the Daily Mail. “As her parents, we were made to feel like an annoyance to the NHS on the day she died – and on every day after she was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.”

Iris was born in 2016; she lived for just five months outside the womb. Iris needed to have heart surgery, but doctors delayed the operation three times. Her parents still wonder today if their daughter would still be alive if she would’ve had the surgery. Iris died before she could have the operation.

“From the outset, we felt like we were steered towards an abortion,” said Iris’s father, Ben.

“I just don’t agree with this notion that, if the baby’s not perfect, it shouldn’t be brought into the world,” her mother added. “Because Iris was an IVF baby, for us she was our little miracle. She was so wanted – and every day with her was precious.”

The Days feel their daughter’s case wasn’t treated with the urgency it needed all because she was diagnosed with Down Syndrom: “This was an ill child, not a tin of beans. It was ridiculous,” her father said.

In England, abortions are legal up to 24 weeks; they can be done up to birth if there are a “fetal anomalies” even minor problems like a cleft lip.

Most abortions are done on babies with disabilities. This has been a frequent practice around the world for decades. Doctors and genetic counselors are encouraging the abortions of babies with Down Syndrom.

Parents report feeling significant pressure from these professionals to abort their child.

CBS News reported on this last year. It found that Iceland has a 100% rate of abortions of unborn children with Downs. In France, it was 77% in 2015; 90% in the U.K. and 67% in the U.S. between 1995 and 2011. Some though, put this number in the United States as high as 90%. We should note the numbers aren’t solid because the United States doesn’t keep track of the number of abortions done.

Professionals are present to offer objective advice, not to pressure or guide people to make a choice they’re not comfortable with. These doctors and counselors shouldn’t have gotten so involved in the cases of their patients. They aren’t the ones charged with making the difficult decisions.

Poor Iris could perhaps still be alive if she hadn’t been so horribly neglected by her doctors. Her parents were deprived of their child; after working so hard to bring her into the world, she was unnecessarily and unfairly stolen from them.

Doctors Tell Mom Down Syndrome Baby Is Useless, 33 Years Later Girl Proves…

For decades, children with downs syndrome were encouraged to be aborted by doctors because it was thought they wouldn’t be able to live a healthy life like all children. Iceland made headlines last year for nearly eliminating down syndrome within its borders. This is a chilling admission because it means that many children have been aborted.

Thirty years ago in Cambridge, England, Mirka Anderson, who is originally from Poland, was pregnant with a little girl she’d name Emma. Mirka didn’t have the usual health screenings. She learned after her daughter’s birth some shocking and surprising news from a staff member at Rosie Hospital.

“The consultant told me and my then husband she had Down’s Syndrome,” Mirka told Cambridge News. “She said, ‘You don’t have to take her home because she won’t do anything anyway.’”

Horrified by the doctor’s flippant and insensitive attitude, Mirka took Emma home. She wasn’t going to abandon her. Throughout Emma’s life, Mirka fought to ensure she received an equal education like all other children.

Emma flourished; she earned a General Certificate of Secondary Education in art, proving to the naysayers she could be successful: “When she was younger, we were told she couldn’t go to a normal playgroup with other children,”  Mirka explained to the Royston Crow.

“I pushed for her to go to the mainstream group, and in the end, she did.

“I am from communist Poland, so we are used to jumping red tape. Throughout her schooling, all I asked for was for her to be given a chance.”

Finally, in 2005, Mirka’s persistence paid off. Emma was attending Cambridge regional College; a staffer there entered some of the young woman’s art in a competition at Tate Modern art gallery — and it won. Emma was one of only two students chosen to have her art featured in the prestigious gallery.

“It was very damaging as a mother who had just given birth to be told your baby is a useless piece of flesh,” Mirka said.

“Look at her now. She’s a super kid.”

After hearing about Emma’s development and success, a spokesman for Rosie Hospital said, “We are extremely surprised and concerned to hear about these comments, and we would, even though it is over 33 years ago, invite Mrs. Anderson to contact us to discuss her experience.

“We are, of course, delighted to see Emma’s achievement of having her artwork displayed at the Tate  Modern.”

Of course, you are. But perhaps the adage “too little, too late” is best inserted here. Well done, Emma!

Mom Teaches Stranger A Lesson After Finding Cruel Note Left On Car Window For Parking In Disabled Spot

A loving mother’s response to a callous person’s anonymous letter on her car reminds us all that we shouldn’t judge people’s life stories by looking at them. You never know the kind of struggles they might face and disabilities aren’t always visible to the eye.

The mother, Shanell Beriman from Queensland, Australia had taken her daughter to a popular shopping center and parked in a space reserved for the disabled. Even though she displayed her Disability Permit, a passerby apparently judged the situation on sight and left a note on the car.


Note left on car in Queensland

Credit: Facebook

As it turns out, Shanell Beriman’s daughter has a rare condition called Joint Hypermobility syndrome, as well as a rare genetic disease called “Glycogen Storage Disease,” which affects her daughter’s heart, liver, and muscles through muscular dystrophy. The disease currently has no cure.

Her daughter, who is often confined to using a wheelchair, a walker, or staying in bed on bad days, was having a good day, and her mother wanted to encourage her to walk the short distance to the store.

“I try to make her walk short distances where possible and when possible, though she does fatigue easily and quickly (As a matter of fact, she’s spent most of the afternoon in bed since our visit to the shop),” said Beriman.

Her routine involves multiple doctors and specialists. She’s fed from a Gastrostomy tube in her stomach and is kept alive by being attached to a pump all night.

Shanell noted, “There’s a million other things I could add as they are not her only conditions.”

She says that even though it wasn’t really this person’s business in the first place, she would have happily contacted the note writer to ease their mind if they had been brave enough to leave their contact information.

“[…] Not that I needed to but because it would have made you think differently. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

“I just hope from reading this, that you and others like you are not so quick to judge people in the future. You never know a person’s story by looking at them,” said Shanell.

It’s a great reminder for everyone to be less judgemental and more compassionate. You never know what struggles others are facing, and it’s better to approach others with kindness and compassion before making a regrettable snap judgment.

Not every disability is visible, so it’s best not to make assumptions.

We wish Shanell and her daughter health, prosperity, and fewer encounters with people like the person who wrote this note.


39-Year-Old Son Dies Suddenly, 4 Years Later Mom Finds Hidden Box That Sends Chills Down Her Spine

Mary Alexander has two grown sons. She loves Mother’s Day because her boys always give her cards and show their love to their mom. One of Mary’s sons moved to Norway. Her other son, Jason, slipped right through her fingers. But Jason had a surprise for his mother that would appear just when Mary needed it most.

Jason was known as the “gentle giant” to his friends. He was 6’6 after all. Every Wednesday, he would have dinner at mom’s house. Mary loved those meals with her son. On one typical Wednesday, as they said their goodbyes, she held her son for a little longer and a little tighter. Tears sprang to her eyes and rushed down her cheeks. Mary started sobbing. It was as though her mother’s instinct kicked in. Unfortunately, her mother’s intuition wasn’t mistaken.

The next evening, officers arrived at her door, informing her that Jason had died of a sudden and severe heart attack. No one knew he suffered from high blood pressure and an abnormally enlarged heart.

The first Mother’s Day without Jason was the most difficult for Mary. Despite her heavy heart, she tried convincing herself all would be well even though her sons weren’t nearby. Nor would she be receiving all the Mother’s day cards from them as she once had. “I always looked forward to my Mother’s Day cards, but I knew I’d be missing one.”

Four years later, Mother’s Day is still a terrible holiday to face for her. To distract herself this year, Mary decided to clean out a basement closet. What she didn’t yet know was in this closet, she would discover her very own “Godwink.” she would receive divine intervention that would restore her hope and joy.

In a box with some old magazines, Mary located an envelope addressed to her town’s local newspaper. It was its contents that would cause the mother of two to weep right there on the closet floor.

See the beautiful “Godwink” gifted to Mary in the video below.

Pregnant mom abandoned by husband at 36 weeks – opens oven door and sees $10,000 wad of cash

Despite all the tragic events that take place in our world and despite all the hardships folks face, we really do live in a time where most people are generally good and kind. We do want to help each other during our most difficult of days. This story speaks to that sense of compassion.

Amanda and her husband of Sydney, Australia saved to buy their dream house. The couple spent two years renovating this dwelling to make it the perfect home. They tried to get pregnant for three years. Amanda had miscarriage after miscarriage; until one day she was pregnant and all was going well. In an instant though, everything changed. Amanda’s world  came crashing down in one horrifying moment.

Her husband left her for another woman. He saddled her with a massive debt. They put their entire savings toward their house. Amanda was 8-months pregnant with a child they struggled for so long to conceive.

With no income, debt and a baby on the way, a heartbroken Amanda was left at a loss. What would happen to her and her child? Thank God for friends like Anna. She stood by her distraught pal’s side through thick and thin. Anna wasn’t going to leave Amanda’s side now either. She had an unorthodox idea for how to help her.

She reached out to local radio station, KIIS. She asked them to consider featuring Amanda for their Give Back segment.

The radio station knew they needed to help Amanda, but they couldn’t do it alone. They turned to local businesses for donations of services and items. Both Amanda and Anna were invited to the station to participate in the segment. Amanda didn’t know what was in store. She explained to the hosts and audience the worst part of her situation was the uncertainty of it all.

“It’s been about five weeks since it happened,” Amanda said through tears. “And the biggest thing is just the shock; I guess because it wasn’t really what we planned, or what I planned.”

After she finished telling her story, the radio hostess moved aside to reveal a television screen of Amanda’s new house. The cameraman went on a tour, highlighting many items that didn’t belong to her. The hostess pointed out everything Amanda would receive.

A vacuum cleaner symbolized the six months of free house cleaning someone donated; the refrigerator was from Eat Fit Food who would give and deliver meals to her for the next three months so she wouldn’t need to go grocery shopping. On the counter was $4,000 of baby supplies along with a $1,000 voucher for baby pictures.

But it was when the cameraman opened the oven when everyone lost it.

Inside was a stack of cash. $10,000 to be exact. This money was to help Amanda not worry about her mortgage for some time. What an incredible gift!

With tears streaming down her face, all Amanda could say was “It means I don’t have to move now…I can’t thank you enough; I really can’t.”

Things might not have turned out how Amanda envisioned; with the help of good friends and total strangers, they’re perhaps even better than she imagined.

Elderly Couple Leaves $11,000 Cash In Hotel Room Drawer, Then Housekeeper Finds The Secret Stash

Hotel staff isn’t always appreciated by guests. They work hard ensuring our stay is comfortable and stress-free. I like leaving tips whenever possible. The housekeepers keep my room spotless and smelling great. The bedsheets are fresh and clean. There are plenty of bath towels and washcloths, soaps and other necessities I might’ve forgotten in my haste to pack. While I’m not advocating leaving valuables out in the open; most housekeeping staff are honest and trustworthy.

An older couple from Ypsilanti, Michigan decided it was time to pack up their home and move to Kentucky to be closer to their children and family. Everything was in order. The moving van was stuffed with years of their belongings; all the arrangements were made. They had a wad of cash to pay the movers, bills at their new home already waiting and just a few suitcases to stow away.

The cash totaled more than $11,000; the couple kept it close to their side in the wife’s handbag. All was going perfectly. When they reached their new home, they realized something dreadful. Something that sent them to the floor in despair. The money was gone!

The wife’s purse, where they kept the cash, credit cards and IDs was missing. The distraught couple didn’t know where they’d lost the bag. They didn’t know who to call. Fortunately, they didn’t need to worry too long because someone was already working on getting their valuables returned to them. Their angel was Brigid Murray, a housekeeper at the Regent Hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

She found the purse in the bottom drawer of their hotel room’s dresser. Brigid could’ve easily taken the money herself, but she did the honest thing, allowing the couple to start their new life in Kentucky. See how her heartwarming actions panned out in the video below.

Mom sells stillborn son’s crib at yard sale. Days later, buyer returns and tells her: look in trunk

Valerie Watts was expecting her son Noah. All went well until the end of her pregnancy. The devastated mother had her son’s nursery all made up and ready for him. The crib, baby clothes and everything else was in place. All that was missing was her child who would never be coming home.

She told Fox9 news, “All week I knew, he wasn’t moving as much. I was very nervous.”

His umbilical cord had become pinched in the womb. Sadly, Noah was stillborn. Understandably, Valerie couldn’t get rid of the items meant for her son. The crib especially was one piece she was particularly attached to. Everything she’d made herself had a particular significance. For a while, she left the crib and clothes as they were until her heart healed enough to where she could finally bring herself to touch and look upon them again.

Finally, Valerie found the strength to gather up the baby toys, clothes and crib and sell them at a garage sale. Gerald Kumpula and his wife have a workshop in their garage where he converts headboards and footboards into benches. Gerald and his wife went to Valerie’s garage sale and purchased the crib.

On their ride home, his wife told him of Valerie’s loss. The man thought the baby items were years old. He figured Valerie’s children were grown and gone and that’s why she was finally selling them. The couple had a lovely idea to help Valerie honor her son.

Gerald returned to Valerie’s seven days later with his gift in his car. When Valerie saw it, she burst into tears. He’d transformed the crib into a bench. He’d crafted the perfect memorial for Noah.

“It’s amazing, and there’s good people out there,” Watts said. “There’s proof.”

It turns out there are caring kind people left in this world. Now whenever Valerie looks upon that bench, she’ll be reminded of her precious baby boy who has his angels wings.

Birth Mom Names Restaurant After Son She Gave Up For Adoption, 57 Years Later He Finds Her

In life, timing is everything. Understandably, the decisions we make when we reach a fork in the road might be different when we are in our 40s as opposed to when we were 20. We can only hope that whether we choose to go left or right leads to growth rather than regret.

This fork in the road scenario is where Bruce Hollywood, 57, found himself after recovering from a heart attack. Suddenly, he felt the time was right to do something that he had never felt the desire to do.

Bruce was born in Japan during the 1960s but was given up for adoption. Happily, an American couple who was stationed with the U.S. military decided to adopt him and take him back to America.

Even though Bruce’s adoptive parents were always open to him meeting his biological mother, it was something he rarely thought about. He had always been fine with being adopted and even turned down his parent’s offer to fly him out to Japan to meet her.

Then all of that changed when he suffered a heart attack at the age of 44. Meeting his birth mother suddenly shifted to the top of the list. First, Bruce contacted the Japanese Embassy, then the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, but didn’t have any luck. He also hired a private investigator but still, nothing turned up.

Finally, after several months, he got a call from the Japanese Embassy. They had good news; his mother, Nobue Ouchi, had been located. Bruce called her that very day and they were able to speak for the first time through an interpreter.

The interpreter informed Bruce that the following day was his mother’s 65th birthday and all she had ever wished for was his return. She also explained why Nobue had never married, “because she said in her heart there was only room for one man. And it was you, and she knew you would be back.”

Bruce also discovered that his birth mother owned a restaurant which she had named after him. Prior to returning to America, his adoptive parents took Nobue a baby photo and told her they’d named him Bruce. “And I thought, ‘This is either the most incredible story I’ve ever heard or this woman is crazy, and these things aren’t true’,” he recalled.

Ten days later, Bruce was on an airplane to Japan to meet his biological mother face to face. Everything she had told him about his adoption and the restaurant turned out to be true. His father was a U.S. military man who had intended to marry Nobue but never completed the paperwork. He returned home to South Carolina unaware that she was expecting his child.

Now, when Bruce looks back at his decision to meet his birth mother, he believes it changed his life for the better. They became very good friends and traveled back and forth regularly to visit each other.

When Nobue passed away three years later, the only regret Bruce felt was that he hadn’t met her sooner.

Maternal Instincts Kick In When Stray Finds Abandoned Newborn – Dog Keeps Baby Alive Until Help Arrives

I love stories where humans save animals. Reading and often writing of heroic animal rescues is heartwarming for me because, for these dogs, their lives greatly improve after rescue organizations step in. Have you ever read a story where a dog saves a human being? Well, be prepared to be amazed and awed by the protective actions of Way, a homeless dog from Buenos Ares, Argentina. Way had just given birth to her own litter of puppies.

Way has had a tough life on the streets. She’s struggled to care for herself. But now with pups of her own, she had even more obstacles to contend with caring for them.

One day, Way found herself scrounging for food in an alley. She came across a newborn baby who was abandoned by its mother. Her motherly instincts kicked in. She wanted to help protect this helpless creature.

One by one, Way returned to her pups and brought them to the infant. She surrounded the child with her pups then curled around them all the best she could. It was July, and winter in Argentina, so she knew the baby needed warmth and comfort.

The next morning, Alejandria Griffin, a resident in the area heard crying coming from somewhere outside her apartment. She headed outdoors to investigate and found the crying baby boy; way had taken him in as one of her own. Alejandria hurried to call the authorities; she had no idea how long the child had been in the alley. He needed immediate medical care.

The baby, who was later named Santino was rushed to the hospital. “She took it like a puppy and rescued it,” Daniel Salcedo, chief of police of the Province of Buenos Aires said. “The doctors told us if she hadn’t done this, he would have died. The dog is a hero to us.”

Santino’s mother, a 33-year-old woman who left him in the alley, was found and arrested for deserting him. She already has eight other children.

Dr. Egidio Melia, director of the Melchor Romero Hospital, confirmed the newborn was just a  few hours old.

Who knows what would’ve become of Santino if it weren’t for Way. Aside from superficial scratches, he was in pretty good shape. As for way and her pups, they were also rescued. A local shelter took them in; they’ll soon find their forever homes.

Well done, Way! What a good girl!