Devotes Half Of Sunday Broadcast To Stories Of One Night Of Gun Violence In America

NBC Nightly News on Sunday devoted the first 14 minutes of the broadcast to a single story: The shootings that unfolded in four major cities during the previous night.

While the wave of horrific mass shootings garner nationwide attention, “far more Americans are killed in smaller incidents” across the country each night, Kate Snow, who anchors on Sundays, said at the top of the broadcast. Snow and three other correspondents worked overnight shifts in different cities to capture “how gun violence is destroying communities and plaguing our country.”

Gadi Schwartz during his Houston police ride-a-long

In an interview with Deadline, Snow said that Nightly News weekend executive producer Matt Frucci “had been thinking about the horrific gun violence we report on, especially when there is a mass shooting, obviously the news media responds in a huge way when that happens. But when you work the weekend shift, you notice that every Sunday we would be talking about the violence on Saturday and seeing if we could fit a little bit in our show. That just felt wrong to Matt. He felt like we should spend a night, really focusing on the daily, unfortunately horrifically routine violence that is happening in places all over the country.”

Frucci said, “We cover those individual shootings when they happen, whether it is a bad weekend in Chicago or a bad weekend in Philadelphia. What’s been a challenge to cover and get across is kind of the totality of that, just how often it occurs. It literally happens every night in America, more so on weekend nights, but every night in America. In cities and towns across the country there is gun violence, and it is so hard to capture largeness of those numbers. You can look at the statistics, and it’ll tell you yes, there are 40,000 gun deaths on average every year. But’s hard to kind of get across who these people are, how those gun deaths are happening, how it is affecting communities, how it is tying up our police forces and our health care system.”

Gabe Gutierrez at the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Shock Trauma Center.

Snow was in Chicago following Pastor Donovan Price, who ministers to gun violence victims and their families. Price told Snow that he’s responded to 1,000 homicides in his career, and Saturday was no different, as he counseled the family members of another victim.

Gabe Gutierrez was at the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, where he reported on two gunshot victims, one of whom did not survive. That is apparent when the call for “time of death” is made by a member of the medical team trying to save a life.

Gadi Schwartz was embedded with the Houston Police Department’s overnight commander Larry Crowson and was on the scene for two shootings. One involved a kidnapping and, in the other, he arrived just after the incident occurred, to the sight of distraught family members and emergency vehicles. By 3:30 AM, Schwartz reported that there had been a total of 6 shootings in the Houston area within about six hours.

Jesse Kirsch did a ride-a-long with the Philadelphia Police Department, where the first incident was reported in the late afternoon. In one case, police responded to a young child wandering in the streets. “The boy has been reunited with his family, but to think about a young child standing out on these streets in the middle of the night, based on everything we have seen in the area, it is really tough to think about,” Kirsch said.

The project took several months to plan and then produce, with extra personnel brought in to meet the deadline, Frucci said. He called the project “one of the more challenging things I’ve had to do in my career, because it is both the logistics of getting the footage overnight, so we had to get the teams out into the field, we had to make sure they were doing it safely.” Over the past several weeks, they held a number of meeting on security for the correspondents and crew. A team of 20 people was enlisted to start going through the footage starting at 5 AM ET. Six different editors worked on the piece for completion by Sunday evening.

Snow said that Price “was not only willing, he was begging us to please, please show what is happening here,” Snow said. “He said to me last night, ‘This isn’t going to change until the country pays attention to the endemic gun violence, to the every weekend, every night.”

At 7:35 PM on Saturday, she said, Price already had heard reports of two shootings.

“What he does is he waits by his phone, looking for texts, looking for radio traffic, watching kind of a scanner app. And when he sees a shooting in progress or a shooting that has just happened and someone is being sent to the hospital, he runs to it, and he finds the families and he shepherds them and he prays with them, and he provides all manner of services.”

Snow said that Price introduced her to a woman, Diane Archer, who has lost both of her grown sons to violence. “The last one was the day before Mother’s Day, and her son had just bought her a cake for Mother’s Day and he was shot down in her house. And what Pastor Donovan did is get on his knees afterward and scrub the floor of his blood, because he didn’t want that mom to look at that.”

Price told Snow that there hasn’t been enough focus on such “local” gun violence. “When it happens over there, man,” he said. “When it happens over here, that’s them. That’s what they do. That’s how they live.”

Snow said that she asked Price, How do we fix this? What can we all do? “He said it starts with all of us, actually, all of us paying attention, not just me in my little community in Chicago. Everybody in the nation needs to pay more attention and be more invested in the solutions.”

The segment, however, did not get into political issues of gun control or the recent Supreme Court decision that expanded gun rights. Rather, it was devoted to the human side of one night of trauma.

Frucci said, “I hope that viewers take away an understanding that it’s not just big mass shootings that require attention. It is everyday shootings that require attention, because they are happening much more often than people probably think.”

Biden Breaks From Bike Ride To Put His Nose In Little Girl’s Ear

Last weekend, President Joe Biden spent the weekend in Delaware put got time to break away and take pictures. It was during this photo session, though, that people online pointed out that he really got his nose close to a little girl’s hair.

The video was captioned, “Dad ran into Joe On a biking trail in Delaware and got a live sniffing video lmfao.”

People were quick to respond to the incident on twitter.

One user wrote, “keep your kids away from him. Stranger danger!”

Another person wrote, “looks like he was saying something in her ear.”

Another person just posted a scary gif of an old man making a leering face.

Biden has been accused of sniffing the hair of children on numerous occasions. He also once described having kids rub his “hairy legs” during remarks in Wilmington, Delaware on June 2017.

Dr. Fauci: “We Can’t Just “Put This Pandemic Behind Us”

“I got hairy legs that … turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and watch the hair come back up again. They’d look at it. So, I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap… and I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap…” said Biden.

Biden does some weird things when he’s alone with children. Is he just an old man or is he just weird? Who knows. Do you think this clip of Biden is him being a creep or just a handsy old man?

Ivana Trump Dead: Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife Dies at 73

Ivana Trump, the first wife of former President Donald Trump, died on Thursday July, 14th at the age of 73.

The wealthy immigrant businesswoman was found dead in her New York City Townhouse after suffering from cardiac arrest and falling down the stairs. The exact cause of death has not been determined as of the writing of this story.

Ivana was getting ready for a trip to a St. Tropez resort when the incident happened.

The mother of Eric, Donald Jr, and Ivanka was found unresponsive by officers at 12:30 PM when they arrived to check up on her. She was last seen alive at 4:30 PM Wednesday when her housekeeper and assistant left the residence. Foul play is not suspected.

The shocking death was announced to the public by Ivana’s ex husband Donald, who posted on his Truth Social account, “I am very saddened to inform all of those that loved her, of which there are many, that Ivana Trump has passed away at her home in New York City. She was a wonderful, beautiful, and amazing woman, who led a great and inspirational life. Her pride and joy were her three children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. She was so proud of them, as we were all so proud of her. Rest In Peace, Ivana!”

Eric Trump spoke shortly to reporters after leaving his mother’s New York townhouse, simply telling them, “It’s been a very sad day, a very sad day.”

Eric also released a statement, saying, “Our mother was an incredible woman – a force in business, a world-class athlete, a radiant beauty, and caring mother and friend.”

“Ivana Trump was a survivor. She fled from communism and embraced this country. She taught her children about grit and toughness, compassion and determination. She will be dearly missed by her mother, her three children and ten grandchildren,” he said.

Her daughter Ivanka Trump also joined in the tributes to her late mother, posting on her Instagram, “Heartbroken by the passing of my mother. Mom was brilliant, charming, passionate and wickedly funny. She modeled strength, tenacity and determination in her every action.”

“She lived life to the fullest — never forgoing an opportunity to laugh and dance,’ she added. ‘I will miss her forever and will keep her memory alive in our hearts always,” she added.

Ivana Trump came to the United States from Czechoslovakia and married former President Donald Trump in 1977 and stayed together until 1992. She raised their 3 children and ran many successful businesses on her own. Would you like to leave some kind words for the deceased and her family?

Analysis of a Martian meteorite reveals evidence of water 4.4 billion years ago

Martian meteorite NWA 7533 is worth more than its weight in gold. Credit: © NASA/Luc Labenne

A meteorite that originated on Mars billions of years ago reveals details of ancient impact events on the red planet. Certain minerals from the Martian crust in the meteorite are oxidized, suggesting the presence of water during the impact that created the meteorite. The finding helps to fill some gaps in knowledge about the role of water in planet formation.

There’s a longstanding question in planetary science about the origin of water on Earth, Mars and other large bodies such as the moon. One hypothesis says that it came from asteroids and comets post-formation. But some planetary researchers think that water might just be one of many substances that occur naturally during the formation of planets. A new analysis of an ancient Martian meteorite adds support for this second hypothesis.

Several years ago, a pair of dark meteorites were discovered in the Sahara Desert. They were dubbed NWA 7034 and NWA 7533, where NWA stands for North West Africa and the number is the order in which meteorites are officially approved by the Meteoritical Society, an international planetary science organization. Analysis showed these meteorites are new types of Martian meteorites and are mixtures of different rock fragments.

The earliest fragments formed on Mars 4.4 billion years ago, making them the oldest known Martian meteorites. Rocks like this are rare and can fetch up to $10,000 per gram. But recently 50 grams of NWA 7533 was acquired for analysis by the international team in which Professor Takashi Mikouchi at the University of Tokyo was participating.

“I study minerals in Martian meteorites to understand how Mars formed and its crust and mantle evolved. This is the first time I have investigated this particular meteorite, nicknamed Black Beauty for its dark color,” said Mikouchi. “Our samples of NWA 7533 were subjected to four different kinds of spectroscopic analysis, ways of detecting chemical fingerprints. The results led our team to draw some exciting conclusions.”

It’s well known to planetary scientists that there has been water on Mars for at least 3.7 billion years. But from the mineral composition of the meteorite, Mikouchi and his team deduced it’s likely there was water present much earlier, at around 4.4 billion years ago.

“Igneous clasts, or fragmented rock, in the meteorite are formed from magma and are commonly caused by impacts and oxidation,” said Mikouchi. “This oxidation could have occurred if there was water present on or in the Martian crust 4.4 billion years ago during an impact that melted part of the crust. Our analysis also suggests such an impact would have released a lot of hydrogen, which would have contributed to planetary warming at a time when Mars already had a thick insulating atmosphere of carbon dioxide.”

If there was water on Mars earlier than thought, that suggests water is possibly a natural byproduct of some process early on in planet formation. This finding could help researchers answer the question of where water comes from, which in turn could impact theories on the origins of life and the exploration for life beyond Earth.

A 9 Year Old Girl Sent A Letter To The State Police. What They Read Inside Made Their Jaws Drop.

Donut shops and police officers go together like salt and pepper do. Or that’s just what Hollywood wants us to believe.

However, not all police officers are addicted to actual donuts, only donut shops who were some of the few places which were open until late nights when officers first began to patrol in cars and not on foot. Consequently, they were turned into a place to stop to call emergently, fill out paper work or simply grab a snack and some coffee.

From that time, donut shops have been known for being a popular haunt of police officers. It’s a good thing as it concerns this story aswell.

A 9 year old girl named Brooke was waiting in line, waiting to buy some donut holes because she was hungry. When she finally got to the cashier, she found out she didn’t have the right amount of money.

Fortunately, a nice stranger was waiting in line after her. This stranger was no one other than State Trooper Chad Savannah.

This has happened to the majority of us. We’ve placed an order, reached the cashier and realized we didn’t have enough money. The 9 year old described this feeling in a relatable way.

“I was standing in line and I didn’t have enough money and I’m like, frozen,” Brooke told the Butler Eagle. “I didn’t know what to do.”

Gladly, Trooper Chad Savannah was standing behind her in line and, without even thinking twice, told the cashier he wanted to pay for the girl’s order aswell. Brooke was surprised by this nice gesture, and, like most kids in her position would do, she quickly ran out of the store after she got the donuts.

An unexpected reaction

When Brooke went home she thought for a long time, and made the decision to write a note to thank the trooper for helping her when she needed it. Together with the letter, in the envelope she put a 10 dollar bill in order to cover what the donut holes cost.

The amazing state trooper who had helped the girl got the letter and along with his colleagues, was moved by the girl’s great way of expressing her gratitude.

The officers thought that for the gesture Brooke had made, she deserved to be rewarded. So what they did was mail a $50 Toys R Us gift card for Brooke to buy whatever toys she wanted for herself.

Instead of purchasing the toys for herself, she donated $50 worth of toys to Toys for Tots.

When the department found out about Brooke’s grand gesture, they figured that she had earned a better special treatment

They called her down to the station and gave her a full tour. What she liked the most about the entire day was sitting in the squad car.

The little girl’s family said that Brooke’s actions were not out of character because she made those decisions and took those actions on her own.

“We’re trying to teach our kids right. To take care of what they owe for,” Brooke’s mom Beth Yost told the KDKA News.

His wife died after 67 years of marriage. But when he opens an old phone book, he discovers something …

Life is full of unexpected turns, but once you’ve reached a certain age, drastic changes are few and far between. Once you have a long-established home and family; you’ve married, had children and grandchildren and you’re almost 90 years of age, it’s not that common for life to surprise you. But that was exactly what happened to Katie Smith and Ed Sellers.

Katie and Ed lived in the same town and fell in love with each other when they were just 15 and 14, respectively. This happened decades ago when the rules of courtship were completely different. Her parents would not let them go out alone, and the only way they could see each other was when they were at home being chaperoned by Katie’s younger sister.

You can watch their full story in the video below:

“We were dating for three years and I wouldn’t let him kiss me,” says Katie, now a 90-year-old granny. Katie and Ed’s relationship didn’t last much longer. Their parents were so strict that eventually they stopped seeing each other and they went their separate ways.

Katie ended up marrying a man she lived with for 54 years. Ed also got married and was with his wife for 67 years. From these marriages they had many descendants; children, grandchildren, great and beautiful families that accompanied them throughout the years. They grew old and eventually both lost their life partners.

Almost two years after losing his wife, Ed was looking at an old phone book he had kept for many years. Then he saw it: Katie’s phone number. Perhaps she had changed numbers or maybe she had already passed away. After all, 74 long years had passed, a lifetime. But he did not let that discourage him and dialed the number anyway. To Ed’s surprise, Katie was still very much alive and even living in the same town! They agreed to get together to talk about their lives and reminisce about that the good old times when they had once fallen in love.

When they met up with each other, all the old feelings came flooding back. Not only did they rekindle a friendship, they immediately began a relationship. Then, on July 16, 2017, the two finally got married at 89 and 88 years old!

What an incredibly touching story of lovers reunited almost at the end of their lives. They both joke about how much time they will have left together: maybe it’ll be years or perhaps just a week… there’s no way of telling, but that doesn’t matter because they’re together now. One thing’s for sure, this couple certainly has a good sense of humor!

If Ed had not had the curiosity and courage to find out what happened to Katie, this exciting reunion would never have happened. Look at the two of them now, just as much in love — as if they had spent the last seven decades together!

People say that there is no such thing as eternal love, but tales like this show that’s not true! Life is just too short and the moral of the story is that it’s never too late!

She Went To The Doctor With Stomach Pain, But When He Saw 12,000 Of These In Her He Screamed

A woman from Kolkota, India, named Minati Mondal had suffered from stomach pain and acid reflux for 45 days at the age of 48.

When she consulted her doctor, she found out that she had gallstones. When the doctors performed the surgery to remove the gallstones, they were shocked because they found 12,000 stones in her gallbladder which is probably the new world record. The samples are kept in London.

During 2 long months, this woman suffered from crippling stomach pain and acid reflux. After the ultrasound and the results, she was diagnosed with severe case of gallstones.

If you didn’t know, gallstones are small and hard crystalline mass abnormally formed in the gallbladder or bile duct from bile pigments, calcium salts, and cholesterol. It should also be mentioned that they can cause severe pain and blockage of the bile duct. There are some cases when people don’t experience any kind of symptoms, until they start to block the gallbladder. When this happens, they cause excrutiating pain, nausea and a potentially fatal infection. When it comes to women, fatty diet can raise the risk of their occurance.

However finding such a large number of gallbladder stones was very shocking for the doctors who performed the surgery.

One of them, Dr. Makhan Lala Saha explained:  “I was astonished to see the large number of stones that we extracted from the gall bladder of this patient. I had never thought a gall bladder could contain so many stones.”

Together with several asistants, Dr. Saha counted all the tiny stones and after 4 hours they finally concluded that there were 12,000 stones with a size between 2 mm and 5 mm.

He is a gastrointestinal endometriosis surgeon at the hospital who has participated in hundreds of surgeries, but he has never seen sucha large number of gallstones.

Dr. Saha said: “Two months ago, I had operated on a girl who had 1,110 stones but despite the shocking number, I found that in 1983, doctors in Britain had removed 3,110 stones from a German patient’s gall bladder. But I feel this number can replace the past record since the current number is three times more than the record.”

8 Women Behavior That Men Absolutely Love

Women play a very vital role in the life of everyone. Without them, the world would not exist and life would indeed be boring. In addition, they are the topic of most of the jokes and you would probably laugh less if women would not be there.  But at the end of the day, women take care of you and support you in good and bad times. You may complain as much as you wish but you would still love your girl. So, here are the 8 women behaviour that men absolutely love.

1. Listener

Normally, women are considered talkative but at the same time they are considered good listeners as well. Men are in love with those women, who like to listen to them. And it is not just men, it is everyone who likes this kind of behaviour.

2. PDA

Everyone admires a little bit of PDA. Men are in love with those women who hold their hand in public or the one who give them a kiss on the cheeks. It really makes them feel so admired and special.

3. Praise on social media

Everyone loves a little attention as well as the appreciation. If you are being appreciated by your partner, then it makes you feel confident and special as a partner. Guys are in love with this kind of behavior.

4. Hair stroke

Guys are in love with their girl when their girl makes their hair fall on the face of their partner. It can happen during the course of a conversation or while they are watching a movie. This is certainly a cute behavior that men love.

5. He is looking for attention

Everyone loves getting the attention especially when it comes from your partner. Men are no exception and the same applies to them as well. Make sure, you don’t forget to send a small call or text if you are too busy.

6. Bury your head

Men love when they see their partner bury their heads in their chest which potentially make them feel more powerful.

7. His thought

Guys fall in love with those women who think about them even if they are busy. If you are out with your friends for hangout or party, make sure that you text your man as it can indeed make him feel happy. This kind of behavior is quite desirable and everyone wants it.

8. Space

These days everyone wants some space and men are no exception. Men are in love with their partner who gives them the much-needed space and perhaps not having a  clingy kind of behavior.

Mom Places Son For Adoption. 22 Years Later She Can’t Believe How He Traced Her

Raising a child is a monumental task. In October 1985, Christine Tallady knew she wasn’t prepared to raise her newborn son on her own, so she put him up for adoption. She left the adoption records open so that if her son ever wanted to find her, he could. Fast forward 18 years. Christine’s son, Steven, did want to find her and he began looking for his birth mother.

He wasn’t having much luck. In 2007, two years later, Steve (now 20) realized he had been misspelling Christine’s name (which explains why he couldn’t find her). When he finally found her, she was living really close to where he was living. Watch the video to find out what happened!

Take a look

Steve worked at a Lowe’s in Grand Rapids as a delivery driver. As it turns out, his birth mother also worked at a Lowe’s in Grand Rapids. Fate? You tell me! Share away, people!

Mom Gives Birth To 7 Babies Where Are They 20 Years Later?

A couple couldn’t have any children, and then a miracle happened and they had a daughter. But they would never have believed what would happen when they tried for a second child and received septuplets instead. The road to this unique birth was anything but easy. This is a story about faith, miracles, and what true love means even in the face of the most difficult times.

Meet The Parents

Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey fell in love, got married and decided to start a family. The only problem was that Bobbi was born with a malfunctioning pituitary gland and as a result she suffered from fertility problems. In 1996 they were blessed with a baby girl, and they named her Mikayla Marie.

Fertility Treatment

After Mikayla had grown up a little, Bobbi and Kenny decided that they were going to try again for another baby. A specialist advised that they explore the options of fertility treatment. The proposed option was the use of Metrodin – a drug that stimulates ovulation which in turn helps a woman fall pregnant.

Fertility Treatment

The couple didn’t know what to expect from the fertility treatment. When they went to their doctor for a regular scan, they received results that would completely blow their minds. The specialist said that they weren’t having a baby, no, they were having seven! It was the first time that the McCaugheys had ever heard the word “spetuplets”.

One Isnt Enough

Selective Reduction

Although there was huge excitement surrounding this news, there was suddenly the revelation that it could be dangerous for both Bobbi and for the babies. One expert explained to the couple that they might need to look into the possibility of “selective reduction” – a process that eliminates some of the embryos in order to save others.

Taking The Risk

With so many emotions and options coming at them from all angles, Bobbi and Kenny needed to make a decision. After considering all the dangers around keeping all seven embryos, they decided that they were going to risk it all and have all seven babies; they were going to have septuplets.

Lots Of Attention

Even though Bobbi and Kenny were sure about their decision, others were not. Many people from the public criticized the couple, telling them that it wasn’t their choice to decide to keep all the babies. But nevertheless, the couple fought on and moved forward.

Helping Hands

When the news spread across their hometown of Carlisle in Iowa, the community started to offer their help. No-one had ever heard about anyone giving birth to seven babies, so they realized that the McCaugheys would need all the help that they could get. Donations poured in – endless supplies of diapers, free nanny services, a year’s supply of mac n’ cheese, and even a van to fit the whole family into.

Another Gift

They didn’t know how to show just how grateful they were for all the gifts they got; they were truly overwhelmed by it all. But then they received a gift they could never have expected, a huge 5,000 square foot house, just for them! And just when they thought that was it, they got a year’s supply of groceries.

Understandably the days before the huge birth were filled with anxiety. They realized the risk of going through with such an irregular birth, and they couldn’t help but feel nervous every now and then. But even then, they were more excited and hopeful than anything else.

Meet The Babies

From a small family of just 3, the family was suddenly made up of 10! There were 3 boys and 4 girls, and their names were given: Kenny (Kenneth) Robert – the heaviest baby, Alexis May, Natalie Sue, Kelsey Ann – the lightest baby, Nathan Roy, Brandon James, and Joel Steven. Name tags, anyone?

Feeding Tubes

It was absolutely mind-blowing that all the babies survived the birth, but there were some issues at first. Lexi was born with a muscular disorder that caused her pain and difficulty when she ate. Her sister, Natalie suffered from acid reflux and also caused her pain while she ate.